Want to join us?

If you were in the Choir back in your Pensacola flight school days, then this is for you. We're expanding our roster of former members and are planning reunion performances in San Diego, Pensacola and other Navy localities. If you're interested and think you've stil got some vocal chops or just want to renew the camaraderie you shared back then, please join us. 

To register, e-mail our recruiter at

Please include
    Home number
    Cell phone number
    Email address
    Years in the choir and your choir directors name
    Part (First tenor, second tenor, baritone or bass)

Even if you were not in the choir but were an officer in an aviation-related speciality who has a solid singing voice, you are also welcome to join us.

Keep in mind that:
  1. All music must be memorized
  2. For upcoming events, sheet music and audio tracks will be available to you in our members only section
  3. The Choir is committed to the highest level of musical quality in our performances. Qualification to sing in concerts is limited to members who maintain a necessary level of preparation and vocal ability, as determined by the Directors.
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